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Co-Founder, Simply Able Events

A North Carolina native, Virginia Beach resident Valencia Able Faulkner Co-founded Simply Able Events, LLC.  She attended North Carolina Central University in 2006-2010.  Her love of event planning and décor came naturally as she continuously worked on DIY projects during free time.  Turning a bare space into something tremendous is the goal she has with each and every event.   When Simply Able Events, LLC was founded she had a vision that every corporate event, party and wedding would be their clients dream come true.  Her goal is to take your vision; implement it and increase it to a level you may have never dreamed of. 


Co-Founder, Simply Able Events

A North Carolina native, Charlotte resident, Valerie Able Massey Co-founded Simply Able Events, LLC.  She attended Winston Salem State University in 2007-2011. Valerie is someone who has always enjoyed entertaining.  Her friends and family could always count on her to host Sunday dinners and tv premiere parties.  It wasn’t until she planned and hosted her very own 21st birthday party that her internal fire and passion to create these types of special memories for others was lit.  Her attention to detail allows her passion for organizing the who, what, where, how and why to flow naturally.

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